July 16th, 2014

I'm extremely indecisive over my AP courses for next year, and I was wondering if you had any answers. Have you heard of the AP Capstone program? I was wondering whether I should take that or AP US History.
Asketh - coconutserendipity

I really couldn’t give you a good answer on that… but hopefully a follower will see this post and help you out!! :)

I cry inside whenever I see this in my AP Stats homework:

  • "Construct a 95% confidence interval"
  •  ”Test the significance of these results”

Ap Lang-----> the MC section is killing me.
Asketh - styles-couture

The absolute worst!
Writing [at least in my opinion] for subjects like that is sooooo much easier than MC!

When see THIS on your Dash…and all you can think is WHO THE FUCK IS VON THUNEN AND WHAT CHAPTER DID I MISS

Hi, sophomore here thinking about dual enrollment for junior year, did you ever do dual enrollment? Or know anyone who has? Do you think it's better to take an AP class at your school or take the same class but at a community college?
Asketh - Anonymous

Hello! I have never done it, nor known anyone who has. But I personally think that it’s just based on personal preference. Would you rather take an AP class and not go through the extra struggle of taking it a a CC [if it is an extra struggle for you] then study for the exam and risk not earning credit? Or would you rather take the course at a CC, and earn the credit without the exam, though the class will most likely be a bit more difficult?
Ask yourself that and make the decision that works best for you. Good luck!

If your school has the option to take a study hall (leave school early or do homework in the library), I HIGHLY recommend it. I had like 4 AP's junior year and wouldn't have passed any of those classes without that extra hour.
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March 2nd, 2014
Submitted by: 33n75w.tumblr.com

Submitted by: 33n75w.tumblr.com

How is AP lang????
Asketh - Anonymous

It isn’t bad.

It’s a of reading and a good amount of writing, but nothing that is too difficult.

Hey Folowers, Question!

What’s the best way for someone not taking the course to study for AP Biology?