March 2nd, 2014
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How is AP lang????
Asketh - Anonymous

It isn’t bad.

It’s a of reading and a good amount of writing, but nothing that is too difficult.

Hey Folowers, Question!

What’s the best way for someone not taking the course to study for AP Biology?

Self-Study for AP Euro

Hi, I’m a Sophomore and I am about to start AP World History and AP Psychology along with several other CP Classes. I was wondering how realistic it would be to self-study AP European History and what review books to use. Thanks!

What's the best way to self study for ap biology since I'm not taking the course
Asketh - Anonymous

I’ll put up a post about it and hopefully the followers will supply some answers, I didn’t take the course so I can’t really help you.

Hi, I am just so worked up about studying (I NEVER studied during MS) and stuff and I have been putting off notes (I know it's a bad choice D:). Do you have a way to effectively take notes in a short amount of time? And also to do Cornell notes questions and summaries in about 5 minutes but still effectively? As you can probably tell, I'm a freshman xD. Back to notes!
Asketh - Anonymous

I don’t really know anything about the Cornell notes, as I’ve never actually heard of that, but I can try to help in other ways.

It’s hard to catch up on notes that you just haven’t taken. You should  try to find someone in your classes who is willing to help you out and lend you their notes, preferably someone who take a lot of things down. Then you really need to get into the habit of paying close attention in class and taking down things that could potentially be on in class quizzes and exams, and AP exams. It helps because studying is a thing that you just need to do, there is no two ways about it. HS is much different from MS, and you won’t survive without it.


I’m trying to juggle 6 AP classes and a mentorship program, which also takes a lot of time.  This task of attempting to juggle pretty much 7 AP classes with extracurriculars, is proving to be near impossible.  I’m 6th rank in my class of 540, and my inability to cope and get the high As I usually do is really scary.  I have about a 93 in every class, with no Bs and I know this is good, but with my competitive school I’m afraid my rank will drop.  Chem, Lang, Bio, Physics B, Calc AB, and Stats are all the APs I have, along with SAT/ACT prep of course.  Even my parents don’t care that much about my grades, it’s really just my personal satisfaction.  Any suggestions on how to survive, get some sleep, and make it through the rest of junior year?

Anyone have recommendations/helpful hints for AP Music Theory?

Any recs for AP Music Theory?
Asketh - teachmehownottoneed

I have not taken it, nor do I know anyone who has, my school didn’t offer it.
Hopefully our followers can help out, I’ll put up a post about it!